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 Now a wheel flashes if under-inflation or puncture

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The Led Pressure Alarm  Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPMS) valve cap is a must for people that want to make sure that their tires are properly inflated. Once installed the Led Pressure Alarm Cap TPMS valve cap will alert you if the tyre pressure drops by a setpoint pressure.

The Light Vehicle version of the Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor system is availabe for automobiles, SUVs, light trucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, ATVs, etc. with a pressure range of 10 to 70 psi and a low pressure warning trigger of 4 psi (with a +/- 10% accuracy).

Roue_hv_nonThe Heavy Duty professional grade Led Pressure Alarm  TPMS for fleets and commercial applications is available with a 4 or 8 psi low pressure flashing Led light alarm trigger, and is suitable for pressure ranges from 30 to 170 psi.

The bright red blinking led light will continue to warn you of low tire pressure for more than a month.



Easy to Install – Simply screw valve caps onto tire valve stems.
Bright blinking LED light that is visible in daylight and night time
Self-Calibrating – Automatically calibrates to pressure the tire was set at when the cap was installed. The same valve can be used with tires from 10 psi to 70 psi (Auto and Motorcycle Version with a 4 psi pressure drop alarm) or 30 to 170 psi for commercial version (available in 4 psi or 8 psi pressure drop alarm)


Automatically compensates for ambient temperature changes to avoid false alarms.

Comes with integrated anti-theft device.
Long lasting low pressure alert – blinking red light alerts of low pressure for 500 hours (more than a month).

Low battery alarm – the led valve cap will blink yellow for up to 100 hours to alert you that the batteries are running low.
Long Lasting 3 year battery shelf life.
Great compliment to Led Pressure Alarm TPS filled tyres – 100% compatible and now you can be alerted of a slow leak.

Proper tyre inflation pressure helps extend tyre life.
Proper tyre inflation pressure helps optimize fuel economy and save up to 3% in fuel.
Available in 2 and 4 pack blister Packaging, as well individual and bulk packaging.

European Exclusive Distributors Listing

Tyre safety Europe BVBA    Mr. Chris Blancke   +32 2 580 00 29
e-mail: Chris.Blancke@tyresafetyeurope.com
Leonardo Davincilaan, 9 – 1935 Zaventem – Belgium
Internet: www.aircheck.be

Austria, Germany, Switzerland
performmaster GmbH
Im Rank 19 – 73655 Plüderhausen – Germany
Mr. Udo Heinzelmann        +49 7181 8074-17
Fax: +49 7181 8074-18
e-mail: u.heinzelmann@performmaster.de
Internet: www.leddruckalarm.com

Hi Tec International Sarl
Mr. Gérard Fardeau    +33 545 69 21 21
59, rue de l’Egalité – 16160 Gond Pontouvre – France
Email : gf@mecarun.fr
Internet : www.ledalarmepression.com

Portugal, Spain
Av. Vía Augusta, 15-25, Edif. B2, 5ª planta
08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés- Barcelona
Mr. Rafa Gonzalès    Tel : + 34 935 862 727 – Ext. 746
Email: r.gonzalez@rema-tiptop.es
Internet: www.rema-tiptop.es

Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Loadmaster Weighing Systems ApS
Dollerupvej 121 – 8800 Viborg –Danemark
Mr. Soren Hannibal    Tel:+4586 66 17 22
Email: soren.hannibal@gmail.com
Internet: www.loadmaster.dk

Poland, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia
Janusz  Bobrow
Obornicka 117/7 – 62-002 Suchy Las – POLAND
Mr. Janusz Bobrow    Tel: +48 60 22 29503
Email: janusz@bobrow.eu

Mr.Nikola Seratlic
Jove Ilića 19, 11000 Belgrade,


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e-mail   marc.mathot@ledpressurealarm.eu